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About our Company

We are a longstanding leader in the civil engineering and general construction field. Established in 1996, we are constantly striving to provide quality products and services to our clients. We specialize in the housing industry and commercial buildings as well as swimming pools. We are proud to boast of 25 successful years in the housing construction field. We are proudly accredited with the ICTAD C3 [M2] category, which grants us government approval to undertake projects worth up to 300 Million per project. We are also under the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Company History

Although established in 1996, Lion Asian Construction Pvt Ltd has a history that spans over 22 years. In 1993, Chairman, Mr. T D Migara Sanjeewa incepted in the vision of creating a leading industrial giant in the construction field. With the experience he gathered over 3 years, he embarked on his vision to create Sanjeewa Constructions in 1996. The company was initially registered under M7 category in the ICTAD grading system in 1998. This granted the company government approval to undertake projects of value up to 5 million per project.

Asian Interior group was formed in 2002 under Sanjeewa Constructions and in 2005, Sanjeewa Construction was converted to a Limited Liability Company and Lion Asian Construction Pvt Ltd was formed as a group of companies. To accommodate the large number of projects that were now undertaken by the company a new branch office was inaugurated in 2006 at 71A, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya. In 2007 Lion Asian Construction Pvt Ltd was awarded the BOI certification “Quails Home” for outstanding achievement in the field. The ICTAD grading for Lion Asian Construction Pvt Ltd was then upgraded to M3 [C4] category allowing the company to undertake projects of up to 150 Million per project. The company is stil under the ISO9001:2008 certification. For the service rendered to the community the Chairman was presented the Shramabhimani Award in 2009. The Chairman was also invited to be in the director board for the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka. In 20011 the ISO 9001:2008 was renewed for three years. In 2012 the Chairman was again awarded with the Shramabhimani Award.

Vision Statement

To be the leader in the Construction field through quality, innovative designs and ethical practices to contribute to the ultimate development of the Community and Country.

Mission Statement

To be the pioneer in innovative concepts and designs to radically change the construction industry in the country.
To set a benchmark in quality housing in the country.
To provide high quality products and services to customers through integrity and best practices.

Chairman’s Message

“We don’t believe in false advertising, instead we focus on quality, service and integrity which speak on our behalf. We do not take short cuts and we believe in 100% quality. We don’t focus on just the money, we use only the best raw materials. We believe in doing the right thing the right way. It is the secret behind our sustainability for over 19 years. This company is my life. I have devoted my entire life to bringing it to where it is today. Our biggest asset is our experience and we learn through our mistakes. That is our difference”.


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